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The Ultimate List of Top Tabletop Gaming Resources

List of Tabletop Gaming resources

Whether you’re a newbie gamer or you’ve been gaming since the dawn of time, check out this list of gaming resources, where you can find the lowdown on everything from your favourite roleplaying games to that new family board game you’ve been thinking about buying. Amongst some of the gems, you’ll find game reviews, interviews with industry insiders and expert advice on how to play games.

The Angry GM

The Angry GM provides RPG Advice with Attitude. Whether you call yourself a Dungeon Master, a Game Master, a Storyteller, a Keeper, Game Trustee, or Lord of the Game, and whatever your experience level, The Angry GM is pretty much the best damned resource for table-top role-playing game advice. As long as you don’t mind getting yelled at. See, The Angry GM doesn’t f$&% around. He’ll tell it like it is. And he doesn’t take a lot of crap. But whether you play D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Dungeon World, OSR, or any other motherf$&%ing RPG ever, The Angry GM can help you run less worse games.

The RPG Academy

The Rpg Academy podcast strives to hit a combination of 3 pillars with their variety of shows. They hope to educate listeners on how to play RPGs and/or how to be better at playing RPGs.  They hope to inspire their listeners to pick up the mantel of being a DM/GM for the first time.  And they hope to entertain while we do it.
These pillars, Education, Inspiration and Entertainment, are the foundation of their effort and can be fairly well summed up in their show’s motto: If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!

Stargazer’s World

Stargazer’s World is a roleplaying games blog started in 2008 by amateur game designer Michael Wolf known for his indie RPG “Warrior, Rogue & Mage”. Over the years 20 people from all over the world have joined the team or have provided guest posts. At the point of this writing these authors have written over 2200 posts about different RPGs from the highly popular D&D to more obscure titles. Aside from reviews and first looks, the interested reader can find interviews with RPG industry insiders, opinion pieces, GM and player advice, and material usable in your own games.

Casual Game Revolution

Since 2012, Casual Game Revolution has been a champion of casual board games, seeking out and promoting the best games on the market for casual gamers. They publish written reviews, articles, and gaming news on our blog and in our premium print magazine, Casual Game Insider. Many thousands of gamers turn to them to sift through the noise of the gaming world and focus on the best new games in the hobby that are easy to learn and quick to play, yet offer interesting decisions and light strategy.

casual game revolution logo

The Board Game Family

The Board Game Family is a great place to find video and written reviews of fun family board games. The unique aspect about their video reviews is that most are done by the kids! So parents can better discover what games their own kids might enjoy. Since 2009, they’ve reviewed over 500 games that are great for families to enjoy playing together. They also share insights into the ups and downs of playing games with family members. Find your next fun family game!

the board game family - video and written review

Father Geek

Father Geek is dedicated to any and all adult role models who teach children important life lessons through their geeky passion and hobbies by way of play. Better parenting through games and geekiness is our slogan and our goal. We review each game with different groups that are composed of young and old players; individuals new to the hobby and long-time lovers of playing games at the table. This gives you, the reader, an opportunity to determine if the game is right for you, your family, and friends regardless of your background or experience.

father geek logo

Immersion Studios

Immersion Studios has a regular blog with resources to help you with information on how to run RPGs, as well as how to create your games, market them and bring them to life, with real-world information of their own experience. The author publishes tabletop RPGs, and runs a game store, so has insights to share from both angles.

Immersion RPG studios logo

Everything Board Games

Since 2009 Everything Board Games has been dedicated to help board game lovers find great games and game designers/publishers find an audience of gamers.

Board Giveaways, Reviews, and More…

Tabletop Gaming

Written by a team of dedicated tabletop gamers, Tabletop Gaming is a magazine dedicated to this increasingly popular hobby. From family board games like King of Tokyo to in-depth wargames like Kings of War or futuristic skirmish titles such as Infinity, they are aiming to bring enthusiasts unrivalled coverage, including exclusive interviews, in-depth guides and more!

Whether it’s simple card games or complicated strategy titles with hundreds of detailed miniatures, tabletop gaming has been going through a renaissance over the past couple of years. Many friendly local gaming stores are busier than ever and thanks to crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, dozens of new tabletop games are joining established products like Catan, Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride. However, it seemed amazing that despite some of these games making millions on Kickstarter, there wasn’t a magazine to celebrate this amazing hobby… and they’re filling that gap with a high quality publication.

Cadian Shock

Cadian Shock is a blog created and written by Jake. The blog mainly covers Jake’s adventures back into Warhammer 40,000 and the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum – after a break of 15 years or so! Jake covers Astra Militarum tactics as well as written battle reports for all his games. The models Jake builds and paints for his games are covered in great detail in terms of process, products used and techniques applied. ‘Always be improving’ is his motto!

Plastic Cracked

Plastic Cracked is the personal hobby blog of Michael Hanns, featuring painted miniatures and associated musings on a wide number of games and systems such as Warhammer 40,000, Middle-earth SBG, Malifaux and many more.

plastic cracked logo

Tabletop Games Blog

If you like tabletop games, then this blog will give you some food for thought and an opportunity to discuss hot topics. Oliver Kinne, the owner of Tabletop Games Blog publishes two new articles every week on this blog, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Tuesday article discusses a tabletop games related topic, while the Saturday article is a tabletop game review and is also published in podcast format. He is an associate writer for There Will Be Games and a contributing author to The Tabletop Spirit digital magazine, which allows him to share my articles with a wider audience.

Master the Dungeon

Master the Dungeon is a blog that features advice and resources for Dungeon Masters. The site has been producing weekly content that helps people with all aspects of running D&D since 2017. Master the Dungeon has a healthy mix of content about rules and game play as well as more complex topics such as player dynamics, story telling, and hosting the game. By specializing in DMing, they are able to provide a focused look at what it takes to run a game and help dungeon masters of any level get the most out of their D&D experience.


DakkaDakka is a large, independent wargaming community that features dozens of discussion forums covering all the miniature games, as well as a robust section on painting and modeling. We also feature a wealth of user-created articles, a miniature gaming gallery with well over a million images, a store finder to track down your nearest retailers and a player finder to help you connect with those near you who are interested in the same games you are. Come join the discussion today!


Draconick is an ENnie award-winning tabletop writer and blogger creating content for some of your favorite roleplaying games. His blog covers topics ranging from game design, to lore deep dives, reviews, opinions, and more. Apart from the blogging, he has written and published several adventures for a variety of games, as well as various rules supplements and indie TTRPGs of his own, and also does writing and editing on commission, having worked for such notable clients as: Chaosium, Swordsfall, Arcanum Worlds, Steamforged Games, and Lasers and Liches. He’s also involved in several other great projects, so check out his links!

dragonick - tabletop writer and blogger

Questing Beast

Questing Beast is YouTube’s largest channel dedicated to covering the wildly creative and prolific OSR (Old-School Renaissance) RPG subculture. It features detailed RPG reviews, video essays examining how old-school play works, and interviews with a wide range of RPG writers and artists. It also features The Glatisant, a free monthly newsletter rounding up the most interesting videos, blog posts, podcasts, and art from the old-school scene.

Link to channel:

Link to newsletter:

Questing Beast

Meeple Mountain

Meeple Mountain is a board game media outlet which has been releasing high quality written and video content for the board gaming community since 2015. They are a group of passionate individuals who believe that board gaming can be a gateway to building better relationships. They share their love of board games and tabletop games by publishing board game reviews, humor, and articles covering topics such board game conventions and cafes, mental health, representation in gaming, and the gaming industry. They also regularly run board game giveaways and contests.

meeple mountain - board game media outlet

Geek Native

Geek Native is a geek culture blog focusing on tabletop RPGs. The site offers a weekly round-up of RPG news, curated from the stories covered on the blog in the previous days and elsewhere. There are reviews, interviews, competitions (who doesn’t like free stuff) and a host of geeky discoveries to keep you distracted in the best possible way.

geek native - tabletop RPGs blog

The Family Gamers

The Family Gamers strive to provide family-friendly content on board games, producing a weekly podcast, two weekly reviews, and occasional articles. They have reviews of new games to play (instead of Candy Land), ideas on how to keep things fair at different skill levels, train your kids in good sportsmanship, and use games to promote learning.

Their team of parents (and kids) working to bring you reviews that help you find games that will be a great fit for your family:

Play games with your kids!

The Family Games logo

Greyhawk Grognard

Greyhawk Grognard is a blog covering old-school gaming, including RPGs, wargames, miniatures, and board games. The focus is on the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Setting, but sometimes goes as far afield as movies, television, and other fandom-related topics. There are numerous free downloads available on the site, and links to many more books available for sale on DriveThruRPG. There is an associated Greyhawk Grognard YouTube channel, as well.

Greyhawk Grognard blog logo

Must Contain Minis

Must Contain Minis is all about reviews and showcases of miniatures and miniatures-related products. Typically, they focus on non-GW products. They publish both written articles and videos with the aim of raising awareness about alternative miniature gaming options on the market. They cover a lot of terrain, and products related to Indie and Historical Games.

If you want to learn more about what is on the market outside of just the biggest companies, go visit Must Contain Minis.

Must Contain Minis - reviews and showcases of miniatures

The Wargames Website

Founded in 2014, The Wargames Website is an independent online community focusing on providing a friendly environment for gamers of all sorts.

From board games to card games, video games to tabletop miniatures games of all genres and scales.

The Wargames Website features a friendly forum, front page hobby news, club and player finders, a searchable directory of companies and more. TWW also aims to be politics and asshat free!

The Wargames Website logo

Dungeon Solvers

Dungeon Solvers is a TTRPG blog, with a focus on Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. They strive to offer a fresh perspective on complex mechanics and concepts in the TTRPG space to make them more accessible to newcomers and veterans alike.

They offer a variety of articles in the form of mechanical break-downs, character builds, product reviews, GM tips, and more to help you run the best TTRPG campaign possible!

Dungeon Solvers - TTRPG blog

Boardgame Stories

Boardgame Stories is a company established in  2016 from people involved in the industry over a  decade and with great passion for Board games. During all these years, they have created strong  relationships and collaborations with many of the industry’s well-known companies.

The website content is carefully selected and features a large collection of more than 7,500 articles (updated daily) from the biggest YouTube Channels of the industry, along with the

original content created by their authors and reviewers.

Boardgame Stories logo


Goonhammer is a creator-owned site dedicated to producing the most thoughtful analysis and reviews on the web. Goonhammer covers everything from Magic to board games but their core passions are Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. Goonhammer is a collaborative effort from more than 40 authors to create weekly strategy articles, reviews, guides, intros, and hobby tutorials for tabletop gamers of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Goonhammer typically publishes 3 articles a day on Monday through Saturday, covering Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, Adeptus Titanicus, Board Games, Kill Team, Historicals, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Magic: the Gathering, Infinity, and Horus Heresy, plus whatever else we’ve gotten into that week.

goonhammer logo - tabletop gaming resources

D&D Duet

D&D Duet specializes in adventures and advice to help you create a whole world, just for two. They provide a range of resources on topics from starting your one-on-one D&D game to special scaling tactics to creative character tweaks and more. Whether you’re a brand new player or GM or you’re looking to add some fun and excitement to your existing two-person game, they have got you covered with articles, adventures, videos, and livestreams. Join them now!

D&D Duet logo

The Dice Abide & Late Night Wargames

The Dice Abide has been running for 10 years, focused on Infinity, but with content from other games like Heavy Gear and Blood Bowl. Since the start of COVID lockdown, The Dice Abide also produces a weekly series on Twitch called Late Night Wargames (Tuesday nights at 8:30pm PST)  where the two hosts (Adam and Jon) catch up on weekly miniature gaming news, new releases, and tactics, often with special guest appearances from community members, game publishers, and even the occasional celebrity.

You can check them out here:

The Dice Abide & Late Night Wargames logo

Brigade Models

Brigade Models is a small outfit based near Maidstone in Kent, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of England. They specialise in producing quality gaming miniatures in both slightly-off-the-wall subjects and more conventional realms.

Their ranges include the Official Hammer’s Slammers miniatures in 6mm and 15mm, VSF Flyers, Celtos 28mm Fantasy and a large selection of spaceships. They also make a substantial range of 1/1000th (2mm) historical buildings and scenery.

You might not have heard of them – but they make a lot of stuff. If you’re into SF or fantasy gaming, the chances are that they will have something to interest you.

Brigade Models logo
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